Come on a journey with me

Let’s embrace life to her fullest! Let the aliveness of this experience unfold without resistance, surrendering to the loving rhythms of creation herself, always present.

I welcome you to join me on this journey of losing identifications, letting go of everything we are not and in which we cultivate awareness.

Through an unique understanding of body, mind and spirit, I facilitate and share my passion and deep love to Yoga, Ayurveda (Nutrition & Psychology), Dance, Movement Therapy, Buddhist Psychology/Meditation & Healing Arts.

Always aligned with the heart in pure service to Love.


Shamanic Breathwork Certification India

22 to 27 january, Goa-India 2018

A marvellous opportunity to recognise the healing power of Breathwork utilizing the power of breath to change consciousness. This intensive course is for those who would like to include breath-work as part of their healing practice and ongoing personal development and inner work of conscious breathing techniques for conscious expansion, as well for those who after their own exploration through breath work feel to start to hold the space for another breathers.

Divine Goddess India

05 to 10 February,Goa-India 2018

Everything is constantly changing. We are experiencing a new cycle, in which the Divine Feminine subtly returns, making her loving entrance.

Now is the time where we women embrace our essence. A time where deep healing and awakening takes place that washes away all that prevents us of embodying the Divine Feminine.

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Tantric Lovers India

12 to 17 February,Goa-India 2018

Through the power of Yogic tradition we explore polarities, all aspects and gifted forces within each of us and embrace it as whole.

From that point we start to recognise the wholeness and oneness within, to embark in a profound connection with ourselves and one another, a profound communion of true love with creation, a deep intimate melting with existence.


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